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Adorably BlackAdorably Black


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Adorably Black – Australian Gold

Do you want a flawless, adorable tan?

Adorably Black blends DHA flawlessly with Natural Bronzers for immediate and delayed stunning dark results making it ideal for those looking for deep, dark results.

Energising Beet & Berry Smoothie utilises Beetroot and Raspberry Extracts which infuse skin with powerful antioxidants, helping to improve skin tone for a youthful glow.

Hemp Seed Oil contains the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids which condition and moisturise, while a combination of Silicones hydrate, leaving your skin irresistibly smooth, with a velvety after-feel that is sure to captivate.

Australian Tea Tree Oil has been added to help prevent any after-tanning odours, leaving you looking and feeling fresh after your tanning session.

  • Fragrance: Wild Berry Punch
  • Size: 250ml

Top Tip: Perfect if you want a fruity lotion which will give you both immediate and delayed colour development!