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BakelBody PerfectorDraining and Shaping Body Cream


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Bakel Body Perfector

BODY-PERFECTOR is an anti-ageing cream that acts against the loss of tone and the effects of gravity. Its 26 clean active ingredients combat skin blemishes by favouring the drainage of liquids and the reduction of localised fatty accumulations to promote a targeted remodelling action.

The xanthines – theophylline and theobromine – of vegetal origin, work effectively to inhibit the action of the enzyme responsible for the increase in fatty deposits, simultaneously combating their increase; the escin, of vegetal origin, increases capillary resistance and stimulates the drainage of liquids to act on the lymphatic system with the consequent elimination of the toxins and giving rise to an improvement in microcirculation; the macadamia oil and avocado butter, of vegetal origins, deeply nourish the skin; the menthol, of vegetal origin, provides a relaxing and refreshing effect.

Use: Apply daily onto the cleansed skin or after using the BODYLIFT moisteriser on the body area concerned by massaging it in until completely absorbed.

If necessary, follow up with HYDRABODY moisturiser or EFABODY nourishing balsam, according to personal need.