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Bronzo SampleEau de Parfum

1,5 ml


Omnia Profumi Bronzo – Sample

BRONZO evokes memories of timeless charm, this surprising feminine fragrance, which immediately
captures with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel, seduces with the irreverence of spices such as
cloves and cinnamon and then develops on the warm and intoxicating notes of leather and
tobacco flowers, which wrap like a warm blanket in front of a fireplace.
If the top notes are exquisitely greedy, the body notes hold mind and body in a soft embrace thanks
to Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon, while the amber base notes complete this essence
enhancing its sensuality.

Olfactory pyramid:
Top note: vanilla bean-caramel-cloves
Body Note: Madagascar-flower peach vanilla, cinnamon
Base note: tobacco flowers, leather, amber, carnation

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