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L'ErbolarioSun Cream for Children 30 PiccolosoleSuncare for Children


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L’Erbolario Sun Cream for Children SPF30

A remarkably delicate sun cream offering an extremely high level of protection for your child’s skin; it makes use of the most effective blocking agents, from traditional unsaponifiables of Olive and Avocado to the original Sesame Oil all being accompanied by a varied selection of nutritious, soothing and protective naturally-derived substances, including sweet Almond Butter, Oils of Peach Kernel and Rice Germ. Which can all be applied quickly, with just a few extra strokes. This way, the summer will leave your child’s skin healthy and softer than before, leaving only the pleasant reminder of a beautiful golden colour!tere l’applicazione dopo ogni bagno o doccia e frequentemente.

Olio di Nocciolo di Pesca, Olio di germe di Riso, Olio di Sesamo, Burro di Mandorle Dolci, Frazione insaponificabile dell’olio di Oliva, Frazione insaponificabile dell’olio di Avocado, Gamma Orizanolo, Estratto di Pongamia, Estratto di Altea, Esteri della cera di Jojoba