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L'ErbolarioTan Accelerator Face Cream SPF 10Sun care Face Cream


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L’Erbolario Tan Accelerator Face Cream

Applied regularly starting one week prior to your holidays, and then for the entire duration of your vacation (possibly using a sun cream with a higher protection factor for the first days of exposure), this Cream with Amaranth Oil will provide you with an enviable and even sun tan, without having to endure long, uncomfortable and harmful tanning sessions under the sun. This specific formula exploits an extraordinary plant-derived Tan Accelerator which helps melanin come to the surface and “develop”, stimulating the system which is biologically designed for its formation in an absolutely natural manner.

Prior to sun exposure, apply the product generously to your face. On the beach, in the mountains or in conditions of extreme sun, the sun product needs to be re-applied frequently, almost hourly. The Accelerator Cream features good water-resistance; nonetheless, we recommend re-applying it after showering or bathing.

Tan activator Lipoamino Acid, Oils of Amaranth and Avocado, unsaponifiable Fraction of Olive Oil, Jojoba Wax Esters, Gamma Oryzanol, purified
Fraction of Soybean, purified Fraction of Rice peptides.