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Keiko MecheriCuir FauveEau de Parfum

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Cuir Fauve Keiko Mecheri

A Keiko Mecheri leather.

Cuir Fauve defines the sensory experience in an almost bewildering

new territory. Leather is warmth. The work is subverting

the warmth of leather toward a more cool freshness.

Cuir Fauve is quintessentially early Twentieth century Fauvism

and early Twenty-First century Expressionism:

wild brush strokes and vivid bold tones.

The artist revolves violet leaves, saffron dust, patchouli, vanilla and woods,

one another, merely enough to maintain the illusion that one was

smelling the real thing, a sweaty tangled fur of some beast in the run.

The pleasure to wear Cuir Fauve is its extraordinary depth wrapped in its animalic suppleness


Saffron powder, baies roses, citrus notes.


Green of violet, dry patchouli leaves.


A chord of precious wood, ambery notes and vanilla Madagascar.