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Omnia ProfumiDiamanteEau de Parfum


Omnia Profumi Diamante

Diamante, as the precious stone par excellence was dedicated to the young daughter of
Fabrizio Tagliacarne, AnnaGiulia, a young and beautiful adolescent woman.
The young girl inspiring this fragrance has a strong personality, but sensitive at the same time.
Refined and deep the young muse is self-confident, a travelling girl who loves releasing her
fragrance in the air, leaving an indelible memory of herself while passing by.
Passion is trapped by notes of cashmere wood and amber, lightness comes from fruity and
spicy notes of bergamot, blackberries and juniper berries, while violet, vetiver and rose are
released after having inebriated the air with the essence of saffron, the most precious and
mysterious note.
Saffron embodies mystery and richness like diamonds, which is why this name was given.

Olfactory pyramid DIAMANTE
Top notes: Raspberry, Juniper Berry, Saffron, Bergamot
Body notes: Black Violet, Leather, Saffron, Rose
Base notes: Vetiver, Cashmere Wood, Amber Notes