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Omnia ProfumiEvodiàEau de Parfum


Omnia Profumi Evodià

EVODIA’ means “fragrance” in Greek, and within the team of Omnia Profumi its code-name
is “time machine” because there is something mystical in it. The aroma can magically
transfer the person wearing it to any point of time and space, reminding them of the past.
It seems that incense plays the main mystical role in the smell of EVODIA – here incense
smells like it is aerated with spices; it is transparent, sharp and camphorated, Its cover is a
grey, dry, woody base, slightly powdered with orris.

Olfactory Pyramid:
Top notes: Black pepper, nutmeg
Heart notes: Iris, Incense
Base notes: Tonka beans, Vetiver, Amber, Woods