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BakelFirm Designer Dry SkinMulti-Correcting Firming Cream


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Bakel Firm Designer Dry Skin

Anti-aging toning cream specifically formulated for dry and inadequately structured skin. Its trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2 reduces the degradation of elastic fibres and promotes collagen fibre formation to improve skin solidity, tumescence and density; the acetyl heptapeptide-4 minimises the visibility of the marks of time and restores freshness to the face. Its honeysuckle flowers extract limits the damage from free radicals; its acai oil, babassu oil and shorea butter complete the formulation to combat skin dryness and conduct an intense nourishing and anti-aging action.

1.7 FL.OZ./ 50ml

Use: Apply morning an evening by delicately massaging onto the face, around the eyes, eyelids, lips, neck and décolleté, spreading out the product from the top towards the bottom and from the centre to the side of the face.