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DiptyqueKyoto – Limited EditionEau de Toilette



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Diptyque – Kyoto Limited Edition

Family: Floral

Incense, Turkish rose, Vetiver, Beetroot accord

To celebrate its 60th birthday, diptyque once again takes to the road with a collection inspired by a legendary cultural journey: the Grand Tour.

The fourth stopover on this journey: Kyoto.

The Japanese aesthetic has often inspired the Maison with its refinement and poetry. For this eau de toilette, the focus is on ikebana, an art that describes “the way of flowers” and that shapes nature according to ancestral codes. The first school of ikebana was founded in Kyoto in the 15th century. This olfactory composition has been conceived according to the three symbolic pillars of the art: the rose represents that of man, the beetroot-vetiver duo evokes that of the earth, and incense that of heaven. A woody floral creation with the refined grace of an ikebana arrangement of roses and branches.

Presented in the furoshiki tradition, the bottle is wrapped in a fabric printed with the Sarayi pattern created by diptyque’s founders.

For centuries, artists travelled the world on a long journey of cultural initiation called the Grand Tour.

diptyque’s roots echo this tradition: from the very beginning, the founders of the Maison took inspiration from all they discovered on their travels.

diptyque now revives the spirit of the Grand Tour with an exclusive collection whose every creation tells the story of a stopover along a journey that stretches across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Incense, Turkish rose, Vetiver


Beetroot accord