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Ligne St. BarthRoucou Sun Milk (SPF10)Sun Milk


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Ligne St Barth Roucou Sun Milk SPF10

St. Barth Roucou Sun Milk (SPF10) is a low protection milk for the body. The fruits of the roucou shrub contain seeds of an intense red that the indigenous people of the Caribbean have been using since the dawn of time to protect themselves from the sun, heat, mosquitoes and salt water. The effectiveness of roucou seed is scientifically proven: the pro-vitamin A contained in it stimulates the production of melanin to accelerate the natural process of tanning and, during exposure to the sun, activates the natural defense mechanism of the skin. The roucou seed extract used for this exceptional line of solar is obtained through a special patented cold process that allows to keep the active ingredients of the plant as unaltered as possible.