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Step AboardMenta Sui NavigliHair and Body Perfume

150 ml can


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The essence of this last fragrance is dedicated to the atmosphere of the haunts along the Navigli, Milan’s canals, characterised by the sound of the coloured glasses and scented by the most diverse drinks: compositions flavoured by the aromatic hints and red fruits to refresh Milan’s warm summer evenings.
A setting with a youthful, informal allure, where the whirl of the authentic life on the Navigli has established itself. The frenzied life of the metropolis remains suspended between a sunset and a dawn that is still far off. The space slows down its images and resumes its breathing only to the sound of the bottles of alcohol mixed with light-hearted essences. The corks pop like a musical piece opening an evening that has just begun. All this cannot happen without a touch of mint.

Perfumer: Morgane Collinot – Grasse, France


Mint Leaves

Raspberry – Currants – Water-melon