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DiptyqueMilies – Limited EditionOval Scented


Diptyque – Milies Limited Edition

Family: Woody

Immortelle absolute, Ambroxan, Fig wood accord

To celebrate its 60th birthday, diptyque once again takes to the road with a collection inspired by a legendary cultural journey: the Grand Tour.

The third stopover on the journey is Milies, in Greece.

diptyque’s founders used to rent a house there in the summer. The village nestled at the foot of Mount Pelion, and to reach it one had to follow the mountain paths. The scented oval retraces in scents the roads that reached from the coast up to Pelion. The spicy scent of immortelle mingles with the cool Mediterranean wind before warming up next to sun-drenched fig trees. In this composition, the warm-cool mélange of spicy and woody aromatic notes evokes the contrasts and richness of this journey to the heart of Greece.

The pearls on the scented oval are inspired by a necklace designed by Christiane Gautrot, while the accompanying pompom borrows elements of Greek craftsmanship.

For centuries, artists travelled the world on a long journey of cultural initiation called the Grand Tour.

diptyque’s roots echo this tradition: from the very beginning, the founders of the Maison took inspiration from all they discovered on their travels.

diptyque now revives the spirit of the Grand Tour with an exclusive collection whose every creation tells the story of a stopover along a journey that stretches across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Immortelle absolute, Ambroxan, Fig wood accord