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Omnia ProfumiOpaleEau de Parfum


Omnia Profumi Opale

Opale is the favourite perfume of Fabrizio Tagliacarne, founder of Omnia and creator of every fragrance.
Why is it his favourite? Because the creation of this fragrance comes from memories very dear to him, linked to summer holidays spent in the summer residence of his grandparents on the French Riviera.
The scent of sage mixed with the sea breeze and the smell of salt, gave the early morning air a particular and distinctive scent.

This scents have been faithfully reproduced inside Opale, indeed, it is a perfume full of positive energy.
The journey starts with the refreshing notes of spring flowers such as jasmine, lilac, hawthorn that immediately capture the olfactory sense and then mingle with the salty aroma of wild sage accompanied by the herbaceous scent of African geranium and the tenacious aroma of seaweed.
It is on the bottom that the perfume really unleashes its power, with the voluptuous melting of underground woody notes and vanilla notes, enhanced by the poudré sensation of the tonka bean.
Cedar and patchouli wood, white musk and Madagascar vanilla berries guarantee an appetizing landing place for a perfume with a strong and refined personality.

Olfactory Pyramid:
Top notes: FLORITA, FRESCA – Jasmine, lilac, hawthorn, cyclamen
Body notes: OZONO, AGRESTE -Marine algae, geranium Africa, Sage
Base notes: LEGNOSO, VANIGLIATO, POUDREE -Citrus wood, Patchouli wood, Madagascar vanilla berries, white musk, Tonka bean