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Orto ParisiMegamareParfum

50 ml


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The sea is whole and infinite, it doesn’t need an explanation.
This fragrance is an eternal feeling, a reflection of endless breathing. Ambiguous and powerful,
sophisticated and fragile…
You cannot go against the sea. You cannot fight against the sea. Let it lead you.
Megamare will call you towards all and nothing – here, there, everywhere. It will take you to
the new lands, lead you to explore more through the salty layers towards the deep, pristine
prayers, and the gray abyss, reflecting your weaknesses and strengths, your fears and desires.
By the end of the day, there is a little that needs to be said about the sea. Explain too much, and
we risk of negating mysteries, weighing down the movement, and suffocating the vibrations
by excluding the forever unknown. This little that is known is captured in this fragrance bottle
and is precisely the amount that is possible and needed to expand a vision of the sea.
Megamare is an olfactive definition of a sea.

THE CAP is a tumbled silver metal cap with greenish corrosion caused by the salty waters,
with an inlaid seashell from Haiti.

eternal feeling, salty layers, sea depth, gray abyss