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Ligne St Barth Premium Care Oil

St. Barth Premium Care Oil is an oil for face, body and hair. Conjuring images of paradisiacal holidays in the Caribbean, our new Premium Care Oil is a sensuous, relaxing, and nourishing addition to your beauty routine. Like a liquid sunset swathing your skin, this golden, glimmering elixir intensely nourishes and protects your face, hair and body. This sublime oil is exceptionally velvety, cloaking the body with a smooth, woody fragrance of hot sand. Notes of sugar cane with hints of vanilla and jasmine send your senses on a sumptuous, sweet-smelling journey of discovery.
An opaque deposit can sometimes be seen at the bottom of the bottle. This is liquid wax that boosts the nutritional value of the oil. If your hair has been damaged by the sun, sea, or swimming pool water, or looks lifeless due to urban pollution and wind, apply Premium Care Oil to your hair for 30 minutes, then rinse off using Extra-Mild Shampoo with Spirulina Algae. This hair mask leaves hair looking wonderfully strong and shiny.