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Keiko MecheriRebel HeartsEau de Parfum

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Rebel Hearts – Keiko Mecheri

In a back-to-the-origins twist, Rebel Hearts is a feminine gourmand fragrance, just like the iconic Loukhoum, whose debut two decades ago

blazed a new olfactory trail.

Infused with Keiko Mecheri’s free-spirited zest, Rebel Hearts is

an homage to bold, in-control and strong women who dare to dare.

Who have chosen to go their way.

With her signature and authentic touch, Keiko Mecheri has transformed

self-assurance and determination into a unique perfume

that bursts with a floral oriental identity and that taps

into the gender-neutral trend of the moment.




Amaretto chord • citrus notes • Turkish roses

Vanilla Madagascar



Famiglia olfattiva: orientale

Note olfattive: note agrumate, accordo amaretto, rosa turca, patchouli, lacrime
di benzoino, vaniglia del Madagascar, note ambrate