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BakelResurex-skin 3+3Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Mask


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It is an anti-aging mask with renovating and revitalising properties that exploits the synergy between the dark brown algae and the resurrection plant, haberlea rhodopensis, that is an extraordinary active ingredient of vegetable origin having elevated anti-wrinkle effects and the capacity to stimulate the production of collagen and defend the skin from daily environmental aggression (such as pollution and UV rays). The alginate powder, characterised by the presence of brown algae with elevated renovation and protective properties, restores vitality to the skin surface. To activate the anti-aging and firming power of the mask;it is necessary to mix the two parts contained in the pack: the alginate powder and vegetal water. The package includes a container and spatula to mix and apply the RESUREX-SKIN mask.

3×0.35 OZ. / 10g  +  3×1.3 FL.OZ / 37ml