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Roaring Radcliff SamplePortraits Eau de Parfum

1,5 ml


Penhaligon’s – Roaring Radcliff Sample

Penhaligon’s Roaring Radcliff EDP, aromatic eau de parfum for men. Being secretly the son of Lord George and Clandestine Clara certainly explains Radcliff’s weakness for the flesh, but his illegitimacy may have its advantages. Unburdened by title or propriety, Radcliff indulges in fast cars and even faster women – his raison d’être parties and provocation. A prominent note with Roaring Radcliff is of course tobacco – strong, smoky and distinctive to his set. He also always carries with him gingerbread – adding its sweet spiciness to his father’s love of liquor – in Rutherford’s rum. Sexy and rebellious – what well-bred girl would not succumb to his charm? As he is wont to whisper in their inclining ears… The night is young

Top Note: Rum

Heart Note: Tobacco

Base Note: Ginger Bread