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Orto ParisiSeminalisParfum

50 ml


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Seminalis is a stimulus in a fragrance bottle.
Alessandro Gualtieri was inspired by a scientific study, which discovered the fact that human
spermatozoa has the ability to recognize certain smells. Sperms are attracted by a smell that
is released by female eggs.
Seminalis is the proof that life happened due to the smell, due to the olfactory attraction. This
is a scent of life in the most literate sense. A fragrance that contains bourgeonal, an aromatic
aldehyde which helps sperm to locate the ovum and start a new life. This watery reminiscent
of a lily of the valley is the only known odor substance to which males have a higher average
sensitivity than females. It acts as a chemo-attractant for human spermatozoa, leading them
to swim twice as fast towards the ovum. From olfactory point of view, Seminalis is as animalic
as possible, having a extraordinary lacteal side that symbolizes the secretions of the body that
are released when the life is happening.
Seminalis is the odor that is responsible for attracting males to females and producing new

THE CAP is tumbled silver metal with with semitransparent bakelite, symbolizing the body
fluids that are released when new life happens.

milky stimulus, seeds and sperms, olfactory attraction, secretions, liquid love, the beginning
of life