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BullfrogAnti-Stress Hydrating SerumHydrating Serum


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Bullfrog Anti-Stress Hydrating Serum

The anti-stress hydrating serum is a gel with a fluid and lightweight texture, which has hydrating properties.

• Provides a long-lasting relaxed look to the skin.

• Makes the face brighter.

• Has a water-bomb effect, containing a mix of hyaluronic acids which create a pleasant sensation of comfort.

Active Ingredients:

• Prickly pear. An extract with a hydrating and soothing action is obtained from its flowers.

• Hyaluronic acids. The combination of different molecular weights makes this formula effective even in the long term, guaranteeing deep and lasting hydration.

• Hemp extract. This vegetable oil is rich in vitamins and mineral salts and is an excellent natural anti-oxidant for the skin, giving it a rested appearance thanks to its anti-stress action

How to use: Apply a small amount of product on a clean face, if possible after having cleansed it with the Anti-stress Exfoliating Gel, to emphasize the relaxing and smoothing action of the hemp. Allow the serum to absorb with a gentle massage.

Fragrance e Texture: The serum has a sophisticated texture, which guarantees a water-bomb effect as soon as it comes into contact with the skin. As well as having a fragrance with green notes, it is extremely refreshing, giving an instant sensation of wellbeing.