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Orto ParisiStercusParfum

50 ml


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Stercus is an olfactory reference to the dung and comes from Latin meaning ‘feces’. For
Alessandro, the dung is an essential part of the circle of life – it is an organic fertilizer for the
soil, it’s natural and always true.
Feces is a link in between the end and the beginning of an infinite circle of life, it is an
outcome processed by the body and a fertilizer to start a new life of a plant. Dung is
something very true and natural.
A true smell of life and equality. All differences end with excertion of something universal.
All organisms produce waste, and all human beings, even the most noble ones, even the
royals do shit. During the process we’re all the same and we are what we eat. Defecation is
an essential part of body functioning and an initial health indicator – doctors analyze stool to
understand the health of the gut and digestion in general. And we should trust our gut feeling
in general.
From an olfactory point of view Stercus has this phenolic sweetness that attracts and animalic
tone that might offend.

THE CAP is a bronze metal cap with an inlaid brown horn. A very unique type of horn coming
from Ethiopian cows.

dung, equality, phenolic sweetness