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Ligne St Barth Sunsplash  

St. Barth Sunsplash is an hydrating body lotion. Conjuring up images of exhilarating bracing waves, the new Sunsplash Face & Body Splash is an invigorating, fragrant, and refreshing addition to your beauty routine. This light, dusty, rose-coloured water moisturises, refreshes, and tones your face and body without being sticky. It exudes a citric perfume with a floral middle note, inspired by the sensory richness of a Garden of Eden on a tropical island. The delicately colourful notes of citrus fruit, hibiscus, and jasmine assemble like precious pearls of dew hidden inside the folds of leaves.

At the heart of the formula, allantoin reinforces the soothing, softening and skin regenerating properties of the aloe vera. The alcohol contained in this formula is plant-derived and organic (obtained by distilling fermented ethyl alcohol derived from cereals). Vital for the refreshing and toning properties of the splash, the alcohol does not contain any denaturant that may increase sensitivity to light. Sunsplash Face & Body Splash can therefore be used in the sun. It can be used on its own on younger skin, or applied as a primer to ensure that your skin gets the maximum benefit of other skincare products. After showering, apply a generous amount all over your body and rub firmly to invigorate your skin and swathe your body in a delicate fragrance – wonderfully refreshing after the beach, or on the back of your neck after a tough meeting. This light splash evaporates immediately, leaving behind a delicate floral fragrance with a citrus tang. With a revitalising freshness that lasts throughout the day, this splash is suitable for all skin types.