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BakelThio CRevitalising Glowing Serum


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Bakel Thio C Serum

THIO-C is a revitalising, illuminating and anti-ageing serum. Glutathione and Vitamin C act in synergy to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin, restoring freshness and vitality to the face. Its effectiveness is ensured by instantaneous activation of its pure vitamin C powder with the liquid containing the Glutathione. Its exclusive formula eliminates the dull and non-uniform skin tone from sun exposure and/or atmospheric pollution: from the first application the face immediately appears smoother and more radiant. Ideal for labial wrinkles and the delicate area around the eyes and eyelids.

10 x 0.1 FL.OZ. / 10 x 3ml


Use: Use morning and evening within 3 days of mixing. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.