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Farmacia SS.AnnunziataVerde di PersiaBody Lotion


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Farmaci SS. Annunziata Verde di Persia Body Lotion

Verde di Persia is the right fragrance to warm the zesty and cold smell of winter, that sweet aroma perceiving from the sporadic wind that blows in summer. It’s liquid heat and melted sweetness. A millennial tale that comes true.


Velvety body milk, rich in sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid; moisturises and nourishes all skin types, even the most sensitive and delicate. Its inspired-by nature base delicately protects and perfumes the skin.

FREE OF: colorants, animal derivates, parabens, petroleum derivates.

NON CONTIENE: coloranti, sostanze animali, parabeni, derivati del petrolio.