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Editions de Parfums Frédéric MalleVetiver Extraordinaireby Dominique Ropion

Perfume 100 ml Spray


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Carefree charm and masculine elegance. A magnetic field of woods: an unprecedented dose of Haitian vetiver essence, sandalwood, cedar and cashmeran, are bound to the skin by oak moss and musk and lifted by pink pepper, bergamot and bitter orange in a whiff of captivating freshness.
Dominique Ropion is a daring perfectionist, a true inventor. The risks he takes are invariably accompanied by a relentless pursuit of exact olfactory balance and flawless composition. His perfumes are like great architectural feats: in the same way that a bridge, whose seemingly miraculous suspension of weight is in fact a harnessing of counteracting forces, Dominique often balances excessive doses of powerful ingredients with meticulously-measured, subtler accords, until the composition holds up on its own. A good perfume, he likes to say, must always appear obvious.