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Omnia ProfumiWhite DiamanteEau de Parfum


Omnia Profumi White Diamante

White Diamante was dedicated to Fabrizio’s mother, a determined and altruistic woman, strong but sweet, a mixture of concreteness and lightheartedness.
In fact, White Diamante is a very “feminine” fragrance, a fragrance that wraps around the floral notes of iris, goes down on the aromatic notes of coffee, vanilla and chocolate, to close with elegance and roundness with vanilla, musk, wood and amber, thus perceiving the richness of its essences on the skin.

Olfactory Pyramid:
Top notes: Flowery Bouquet, Nutmeg, Citrus Notes
Body notes: Coffee, Chocolate, Rose, Incense
Base notes: Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Vanilla Berries, Cedarwood