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IcioEau de Parfum

100 ml


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Omnia Profumi Icio

ICIO by Fabrizio Tagliacarne is a masculine perfume, “vintage” but very contemporary at the same time; it is a sort of timeless aroma.
It has the sour and restrained bitterness of tobacco, being slightly resinous, but above all, a belligerent masculinity and the desire to show off; it plays with the olfactory muscles to seduce women or defeat men around with its strength, intelligence or cunning.
ICIO differs from the fragrances of the past in the projection of light, its syllable seems more like a veil on the skin.
With its woody, dry and warm aroma, ICIO is more bitter dry than sweet. The tobacco note is rather transparent, yet persistent, being supported by the dry cedar, the transparent and dusty vetiver, and the earthy-sarpened note of Nagarmotha (Cyprus) used in a very moderate dosage, with incense and labdanum to attenuate the sharpness of the fragrance.
On the mouillette ICIO gives much less tobacco and seems to be sweeter, but on a warm skin the dryness of tobacco and woody bitterness dominate.
ICIO by Fabrizio Tagliacarne is a premium product of the brand, it is clearly expressed in the rich bottle with silver metal label, silver cap, special packaging, and 24% concentration.

Olfactory Pyramid:
Top notes: Green accord, Tobacco

Middle notes: Saffron, Cedar, Patchouli, Labdanum

Base notes: Vetiver, Incense, Oud